Profile support in Microsoft Edge

As I’m sure you’ve read by now, Microsoft are replacing the rendering engine in their Edge browser with open source Chromium. Preview builds of the new browser are available for download

This is a huge deal in many respects but one of the most welcome additions for me is the ability to create multiple browser profiles – both Chrome & Firefox have supported this for some time. As someone who works daily in multiple Office 365 tenants, the ability to have several, isolated sessions open is a huge productivity bonus.

Adding a new profile is easy. Simply click on the default avatar icon and choose ‘Add a profile’ Note that in the image below I have logged on to my MSA account, Office 365 account logon is coming apparently.

In my case, I logon each profile to and choose the opening Office 365 Home page. I can then send this as a shortcut to the desktop.

What I’d love to see (I’ve requested this) is profile selection made available in the task bar icon right click menu.

I’ve been more than surprised with the browser performance and functionality. For a beta release stability is excellent and indeed I’ve made the canary build my default browser experience. This build is updated nightly so you may prefer the weekly beta build. You can run multiple builds concurrently should you wish.

Edge Insider is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & macOS



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